Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interesting observation: Earthquake in China

I think that in hindsight, this sequence of events will turn out to be some of the MOST curious sequence of natural events we've ever witnessed in our time. Lets start putting things together, shall we?

On May 2nd, The Chaiten Volcano in southern Chile erupted with a ferocity the likes of which we've never before seen. In one days eruption it spewed out more CO2 and ash than all mankind has put in the atmosphere over the past 100 years. Mankind is pathetic when compared to the awesome power of Mother Nature. The lightning bolts alone coming out of the ash cloud is an unbelievably impressive site. But I digress...

Then the earthquake itself, at 8.0 on the Richter scale is one of the largest measured in recent history came 10 days after the volcano.

Now take a globe, put your finger on the volcano, the other on the epicenter of the earthquake and you'll notice that those two events happened on exact polar opposite ends of the earth. Spin the globe, like I did, and you'll see that it spins with PERFECT SYMMETRY.

I can only surmise that the earthquake was the recoil from the volcanic eruption, and the rainbow clouds were caused by intense disruptions in the earths magnetic field. Similar to the aurora borealis that can be seen over the North Pole It would be interesting to find out if any magnetic needles went haywire during that time... does any government body monitor earthly magnetic fields? NOAA?

Then you want to take that and double down?

Lets look at Cyclone Nargis that hit Myanmar (Burma). Burma sits on China's southern border and is the closest neighbor to the earthquake region. Well; the cyclone hit on the same day that the volcano was erupting, on May 2nd.

Now this may all be coincidence, sure. But it could be argued, and in fact I do hereby put forth the argument that the pending eruption in Chile caused disruptions in the earths magnetic field, which then helped create the low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal which spawned cyclone Nargis.

Now lets go ALL IN, shall we?

Connect the dots. Start at the epicenter of the earthquake and draw a line to where the cyclone made landfall on the coast of Myanmar (Burma). Continue to draw your line along the path (trajectory) that the cyclone followed as it picked up steam, take that line all the way back to the origins of the storm (which the US Navy called "tropical cyclone #95b") Then continue to draw that line to meet up with the Chaiten Volcano. Now take a look at the shape you just drew... it is a perfectly straight line.

The line covers spans a massive 11,000 miles of ocean without a single continent getting in the way. From Chile to the South Atlantic Ocean, past the southern tip of Africa and over the Indian Ocean, maintaining the course all the way up to the Bay of Bengal, to the coast of Myanmar where the cyclone made landfall and on up to the epicenter of our 8.0 earthquake.


Vincent said...

Suggestion: create a visual demo of the line on Google Earth? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Other than the fact that you've connected a number of natural disasters by a line, which isn't exactly a huge accomplishment, what is your point exactly? It seems as if you were so eager to prove that you'd discovered something clever that you forgot to mention WHAT IT WAS.

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